I wanted to show you my dollhouse makeover. Edmée got this sweet wooden house with a hinge and handles for Christmas from Nanny and Pops when we were visiting Seattle.  We decided to try taking it as a carry on back to Colorado and, unfortunately it had a rough time. One of the handles completely broke off going through security and the wood siding was starting to split. But with some held from Frances - the friendly TSA guy - we got it sufficiently taped up.

After doing the repairs and scraping the stickers off the wood, Edmée and I set off glueing and Modge-Podging the house inside and out. I installed adhesive felt as carpet, added the shingles - witch was the most time consuming - and as a finishing touch I attached the gold latch.

I love the way it turned out and now it’s almost as much a piece of decor as it is a toy. Edmée and Arrow both enjoy playing with it as the Super Hero action figures have take up residency along with the dolls.

Stay tuned as we put special touches on the furnishings! 

 Here’s another dollhouse makeover at Life In Color Photo using the same dollhouse.